Naomi Paul Comedy Evening

Three Counties Liberal Jewish Community hosted a Jewish comedienne, Naomi Paul, performing “They may have even eaten ham” which was showcased at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

was an engaging and amusing monologue, including song and music. To quote Kenneth McKenna on her Edinburgh Fringe show,’ She takes us on a journey across continents & time as she shares with us episodes in her own life alongside a family history over several generations. It’s as much an entertaining look at Britain today as it is the past that shaped us.’

Her amusing & entertaining childhood recollections of North London resonated with my own memories of growing up in Hendon. In one reminiscence, Naomi and her sister had the opportunity to join the Girl Guides, which allowed a quota of Jewish children to become members (many clubs prohibited Jewish admission). However, her parents’ potent memories of the uniforms of the Hitler Youth prompted them to veto the sisters’ involvement much to their dismay! 

Naomi’s stories entertain and carry a message of the importance of family, community and solidarity but also serve as a reminder that societal antisemitism was a formative part of childhood. 

Her final song; a plea to “shine a light on human rights”, reminds us that refugees are “not a planned invasion” – and that fear and prejudice are still contemporary issues.

The whole evening was really enjoyable, relaxed and the wine and nibbles were a welcome extra.