Our Rabbi

Danny Rich was born into a committed Liberal Jewish family at South London Liberal Jewish Synagogue.  Following a degree in Politics and Modern History at Manchester University and semichah from the Leo Baeck College, Danny served nearly two decades as Rabbi to the Kingston Liberal Synagogue and fifteen years as the Senior Rabbi and Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism until he stepped down in March 2020.

Committed to smaller, outside of London communities, Danny served Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation and helped form Liberal Jewish communities in various places including Copenhagen, Crouch End, Wessex, York and the then Gloucestershire.

In addition to providing a spiritually enhancing way of life, Danny believes Liberal Judaism has a role to play in society at large which is reflected in his own work as an elected Labour Party Councillor in the London Borough of Barnet, as a magistrate, as a hospital and prison chaplain, and as a trustee of various charities including the Balfour Project and Epsom Mental Health week.

Danny ‘s major professional interest is in pastoral care and community growth, and he is, therefore, delighted to have joined the Three Counties Liberal Jewish Community and also Stevenage Liberal Synagogue for the year 2020/21. He will be the Rabbi for both communities during this time.

Danny is the father of four children and the grandfather of five and provides in his garden an aviary and a pond for the successful reproduction of doves, finches and fish.