Cheder Report

My name is Max and I am your Cheder correspondent for this year. I am 9 years old and have been coming to Cheder with 3CLJC since I was very young.

This term at Cheder, we have been doing lots of fun activities and learning lots too – particularly about Israel.

My best activity was making Israeli Chocolate balls – which were delicious! Rabbi Anna brought all the ingredients to the lesson. We crushed digestive biscuits, added coco powder, sugar and milk; and mixed them altogether. We then made them into little balls, rolled them in different types of sprinkles and put them in the fridge to cool. They tasted amazing!

My other favorite lesson was the Israeli giant board game. We used a soft giant dice and our teddies as the players. Our teddies visited many different places; and we learnt a lot of interesting facts about Israel along the way. I really enjoyed that lesson.

Come back next time, for the next instalment from Max, your Cheder Correspondent