Rosh Hashanah Seder

Rabbi Anna’s innovative Seder celebrated the New Year and wished each of us a good year through the many symbolic foods on the Seder plate.

Over thirty people gathered to bless the candles and to taste apples and honey for sweetness. The dates and olives were for a wish for peace. The pomegranates were a symbol for mitzvot and good deeds. Why the sliced carrots and beans? To hope we will be blessed with all we need for the coming year.

Very much enjoyed was the fairtrade chocolate, but this was to show concern for human rights and trade justice. Why blueberries and spinach?  They are good for you!  A wish for a healthy year for ourselves and our family.

There was no fish head but fish shaped sweets. Traditionally the head of the fish was a reminder to go head first into the New Year. Anna suggested that we be leaders and to follow our heads. This could also represent progress or forward looking thought.

The fish was eaten with other superb dishes following the Seder service. It was a joyous and greatly enjoyed evening.