Passover seder 2022

Over 70 members and friends of the Three Counties Liberal Jewish Community enjoyed a communal second night Pesach Seder. Led by Rabbi Danny Rich, all attendees enjoyed a night of laughs, good food and excellent company in what was the first in-person Seder since the pandemic. Regulars were joined by a number of prospective members and some Jews from other parts of the world, showing the power of the Seder. Everyone enjoyed a delicious three course meal along with the traditional parts of the Seder plate, including the boiled egg in salt water. Beetroot was included, as the dish of Ukraine, to show solidarity with the people in the country during the conflict with Russia.

There was even time for finding the Afikoman, which needed to be hidden several times, for the young people in the community. Prizes were given out, and chocolates awarded for audience participation during the service.

It was also a lovely chance to get together again after such a long time when we were unable to do so. Chag Sameach everyone!