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Mitzvah Day

20/11/2022 @ 12:30 17:00

We will be inviting families of asylum seekers, currently residing in a local hotel, to join us in a nearby Church hall. Focusing on families with children, many of whom are Iranian, and all of whom are escaping from oppressive regimes and persecution and who seek asylum and safety.  This brings to mind the experiences of our relatives escaping from persecution in the Russian Pale of Settlement and Nazi Germany.

The event will feature a circus act training group, providing a fun-filled activity session both for children of the asylum seekers and also our own children.  This should be very enjoyable as well as lots of fun. 

We are asking members for donations of board games, toys, and children’s books, appropriate for all ages for the children of our guests to enjoy.  They are living in a hotel and have very little to provide entertainment.  Please ensure these are in reasonably good condition.

We are providing afternoon tea and are requesting you to bring homemade cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and fresh fruit, especially satsumas and apples. Please ensure the cakes and cookies are homemade.  This offers a great opportunity for our children to get involved in helping to make these as an extra Mitzvah Day activity.

For details of venues and times, please see the bulletin.